31 The Store


31 31s is an exploration into hand-generated lettering, which I produced as an answer to the stores open call for #myfavoutite31 campaign, as featured on their social media platforms. I took this opportunity to create not just one image but a variety of styles totalling up to 31. Each number is bespoke, in its appearance, just like an item of clothing. Varying in size, style, proportion and execution. David (31 The Store owner) picked up on this and got in touch to create a collaboration to feature the 31 lettering across all windows of the store. In total, we used 155 graphics as an impactful window showcase.

Each space within 31 The Store combines a variety of lettering applications from, vinyl cut decals, hand-drawn, punched out of whitewash and adhesive stickers. This not only complements the wide range of clothing on offer but also reinforces the stores culture of bringing together a wide range of artists and their many disciplines under one roof.

— Design
— Typography
— Illustration
— Photography
– Print Management